PE & Minor Sports

Physical Education

Physical Education plays an extremely important part in the school curriculum at Witham Hall, with all pupils having the opportunity to develop physical skills though a large range of activities. Along with developing physical skills, pupils are taught the importance of health related fitness, leadership and problem building skills and how to co-operate with others. In the Prep School all pupils are offered one hour of Physical Education every week. Activities include: gymnastics, sports acrobatics, athletics, basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton. New for this year will be handball and soft ball. Pupils that are keen on the different and more minor sports taught within the Physical Education programme have opportunities to further their interest through the Witham Clubs and Activities programme. Additionally, in some of these sports there are chances to compete for the school at local and IAPS competitions. There is a whole team of enthusiastic staff responsible for the development of these sports.

Michaelmas and Lent Minor Sports

Cross Country and Biathlon: the cross country runners are out training from the first Monday of the Michaelmas Term. All children in the Prep school are welcome and competitions at various levels are on offer. There is the inter house run in which all children participate; the Brooke event for age group squads and our own Witham Hall competition. This gives a good range of opportunities! New in 2014 was Biathlon, which we aim to develop to entries into Biathlon and Triathlon competitions too. This gives opportunity to those students that are committed to their running training but, still, out of school, are swimming and (for some) cycling too.

Cross Country:

  • Stop Press – March 16: Witham combined U11& U13 Cross Country Teams win overall Best Team Cup at Worksop Cross Country. Exceptional individual results from Ewan Rodell (2nd U13 Boys); Ella Turner (4th U13 Girls); Anya Batty (5th U13 Girls); Alice Farmer (6th U13 Girls); Ffion Trundell (5th U11 Girls).
  • Stop Press – October 2016: Success at the Witham Hall Invitational!  U11A Boys win team event,  Jack Braddock 3rd, Charlie Rymer 4th, Henry Farmer 7th, Josie Turner 4th, Alexandra Braid 3rd, Rosie Pollard 7th, Angus McKay 1st and Thomas Welch 3rd. Further success at Brooke Priory Cross Country: U10 Boys and U8 Boys win their team events, Jack Braddock 1st, Henry Farmer 5th, Harry Price 5th, Thomas Welch 1st, Ben Braddock 2nd, Alfie Rymer 3rd, Rosie Pollard 2nd and Millie Spilsbury 5th. Ewan Rodell 1st in Lincolnshire U13 league, and Ffion Trundell 12th


  • Stop Press – March 2016: 10 Witham Athletes selected for progression to the National Schools Biathlon Finals. Well done to – Ella Turner, Alice Farmer, Oliver Rymer, Ewan Rodell, Finn Cummins, Ffion Trundell, Charlie Rymer, Josie Turner, Matilda MacKay and Gigi Granger.

March 2016: 10 Witham Athletes selected for progression to the National Schools Biathlon Finals. Well done to – Ella Turner, Alice Farmer, Oliver Rymer, Ewan Rodell, Finn Cummins, Ffion Trundell, Charlie Rymer, Josie Turner, Matilda MacKay and Gigi Granger.

October 2016: Matilda Halford and Jack Braddock Regional Champions in the U10 group. Millie Atkinson, Jack Braddock and Ffion Trundell selected for the National Biathlon Finals due to success at Regional Championships.

Oct 2015 Brooke Priory Event:

Witham U8 Boys/U8 Girls: Angus McKay 1st; Alexandra Braid 6th
Witham U9 Boys: Team placed 1st; Henry Farmer 2nd, Jack Braddock 4th
Witham U10 Boys/Girls: Teams both placed 2nd; Matilda McKay 3rd, Louis Batty 3rd,
Charlie Rymer 5th, Kit Parkinson 6th
Witham U11 Boys: Oliver Allport 6th
Oct 2015 Witham Hall Event:
Witham U9 Girls & Boys: Girls’ Team placed 1st; Boys’ Team placed 2nd; Matilda Halford
3rd; Henry Farmer 3rd
Witham U11 Girls’: Team placed 2nd; Ffion Trundell 6th
Oct 2015 Regional Biathlon:
Witham U10 Girls: Millie Atkinson 2nd overall, Gigi Granger 3rd overall,
Witham U10 Boys: Charlie Rymer 2nd overall; Henry Farmer 5th overall
Witham U11 Girls: Ffion Trundell 5th overall with her times qualifying her for the National Biathlon
Championships; Josie Turner 6th overall
Witham U12 Boys: Ewan Rodell 1st on the track, Finn Cummins 6th overall,
Witham U12/13 Girls: Alice Farmer and Ella Turner both placed 2nd in their categories on track
with Ella coming 6th in the pool and 4th overall,
Witham U13 Boys: Rori Rodell 3rd overall.
Squash: Across two terms Mr Paul Boswall runs three squash evenings a week, combining coaching with friendly matches. Throughout the Michaelmas and Lent terms there are matches for those keen to take part, often on a Sunday or Friday evening. The season culminates with the IAPS Tournament in the Easter holidays which has been a much enjoyed trip.

Trinity Minor Sports

The Cricket and Rounders game's programme is enhanced by a busy Athletics and Tennis schedule.

Athletics: Athletics club is run on Friday evenings and across two different lunch times, welcoming all ability levels.  We take teams to local 'meets' and Regional competitions. We are thrilled to have had children progress to National level. The inter house competition for the year is concluded by an exciting Prep School Sports Day where the children all get to compete in their preferred athletic events.

  • Stop Press – May 2016: Sienna McAlpine, Jemima Foljambe break U11 school records in 800m and High Jump. July 2016: Success at National Athletics Finals for Sophie Hamilton, 6th place in Javelin and National Champion in Discus. Orlando Thain reached the national finals in High Jump, and Archie Smith-Maxwell ranked 6th nationally in Hurdles. 

Tennis: Tennis coaching is very popular, and a team of six coaches come to school over four evenings each week; five tennis squads also practice weekly. Tennis matches are played against local schools, tournaments are enjoyed at a number of public schools and there is an annual parent/child tournament. While the tennis and athletics programme is in full swing in the summer it would not be a success without a commitment to these sports year round. For example there are athletics clubs in all three terms, and tennis coaching is offered year round and moves into the sports hall for the dark evenings. 

  • Stop Press - May 2016: Witham’s Alice Farmer and Harriet Anthony win the U12 Girls’ Doubles at the Repton Tennis Tournament and Ella Chandler and Bonnie Harris are Runners Up in the U11 Girls’ Doubles.

Golf: For two evenings a week in the summer Mr Paul Boswall re-directs his attention away from squash to golf. Coaching from a local professional is also available. Witham is very fortunate to be able to enjoy its own 9 hole golf course, and in the summer on Friday early evenings there are always golfers to be seen making their way around the course. There are some matches against other schools and parents and children together enjoy an annual competition.

August 2015: IAPS Stowe Putter Competition Will Chandler 3rd in U13 category.


  • Stop Press – 1st placed team at Bloxham Equestrian in the 80cm: Cecily Hopkins, Lottie Sharman, Jemima Foljambe, George Vergerson-Rowley. George was also 1st place individual, Jemima 2nd, and Cecily 5th