Music Information

ABRSM Music Exams Summer 2016 schedule

Pupils receive whole class tuition in music each week as follows:
Reception and Year 1: One 30 minute lesson.
Years 2-3: One 30 minute lesson plus one 30 minute choir session for all.
Years 4-5: Three 30 minute lessons plus one 30 minute choir session for all.
Year 6: Three 30 minute lessons.
Years 7 and 8: One 30 minute lesson.
Pupils in Y4-6 learn the ocarina in class time, and enjoy playing traditional tunes and well-known pieces together, also learning the basics of music reading and theory through their playing. These pupils also have an entirely vocal-focused session once a week, developing not only their singing skills but general musical knowledge too. The main focus of other curriculum time is split into themed units as detailed below:





Year 1
Sounds Interesting:
Exploring sounds.
The Long and the Short of it:
Exploring duration.
Feel the pulse:
Exploring pulse and rhythm.
Year 2
What’s the Score? Exploring
instruments and symbols.
Taking Off: Exploring pitch.
Rain, rain, go away:
Exploring timbre, tempo
and dynamics.
Year 3
Animal magic: Exploring
descriptive sounds.
Play it again: exploring
rhythmic patterns.
The Class Orchestra: Exploring
Year 4
Steady pulse: Dance and
rhythmic activities. Dragon Scales:
Exploring Pentatonic scales
Instruments of the Orchestra:
Peter and the Wolf 
As appropriate: Ancient Greek,
Ancient Egyptian music from
The Ancient Times Songbook.
Painting with sound: Exploring
sound colours, As appropriate:
Evacuees Play with Music , OR
Roman Music from The Ancient
Times Songbook, Viking longboat
Salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard:
Exploring singing/skipping games
Tudors: Let’s make Tudor Music.
Year 5
Cyclic Patterns: Exploring rhythm
and pulse also Jewish songs such
as the Manishtana, and Hannukah song.
Roundabout: Exploring rounds and harmony.
Also Hindu Ramayana song for Divali.
Journey into Space: Exploring
soundscapes and sound sources.
Composing TRAIN musics.
Year 6
Stars hide your fires: performing
together. Plus BBC music Workshop
Macbeth play with music.
Songwriter Exploring lyrics
and melody. Plus ‘Stone Soup’ project.
Rehearsing Class Performances
(Keith Bartlett’s Rodeo Rascal,
Dave Brubeck’s Unsquare Dance,
Iggy Pop’s The Passenger)
Year 7
Theme and Variations form.
Vocal Project: Winter Solstice
Shanty Time: Arrangements/Versions.
Scales and Modes/Beginning
Year 8
Jazz Project using Jools Holland
‘Cool Keys’ package. 12 bar blues.
Form and Shape:
Exploring musical form and
structure; binary, ternary and rondo.
Bringing it all together:
Class Ensemble work.

The following groups meet weekly:

  • Monday Lesson 5: String Orchestra (Rehearsal Room)
  • Monday 13.30: Guitar Group (Rehearsal Room)
  • Monday 13:25: Fluteenies (Room 1)
  • Monday 16.30: Junior Band (Rehearsal Room)
  • Monday 17.45: Senior Band (Rehearsal Room)
  • Tuesday 13.25: Saxophone Group (Rehearsal Room)
  • Tuesday 16.10: Junior Choir (Stimson Hall)
  • Tuesday 17.45: Senior Choir (Stimson Hall or as timetabled)
  • Thursday 13.30: ClarInet Ensemble (Rehearsal Room)
  • Thursday 16.00: Drum Ensemble (Hall/Rehearsal Room)
  • Friday Lesson 1 Year 2 Choir (Stimson Hall)
  • Friday Lesson 2 Year 3 Choir (Stimson Hall)
Individual tuition
The following studies are available for individual tuition from visiting teachers: Violin, viola, cello, piano, singing, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, cornet, tenor horn, tuba, guitar, bass guitar, drums.

Lessons are 30 minutes long, and 27 are delivered per academic year. ABRSM and RockSchool examination sessions are hosted by the school at regular intervals. Reports are written twice a year by visiting teachers and there is an annual performing arts open house week allowing parents to sit in on their child's lesson.